Recent Wedding Shoes!

Well, it has been way too long since my last post so here are a recent custom order for a bride that she was kind enough to send me pictures of her big day:

Craftiness for little ones!

I have a lot of babies that need gifts so I made these little onesies for them:

It was super fun and easy - I bought the 4 pack of organic onesies on Amazon and came up with some designs I liked, then used extra fabric to make them. Here's the detail for the back (the coon still needs one):

Can't wait to make more!

Shoes: Getting ready for fall

I really like the stacked heels that have been coming out recently and I think these would be great for the rest of summer and as we transition into fall! Here are two pairs I would love to add to my closet (both at Zappos - here and here).

Shoes I Like

I just found this designer that has an amazing collection for brides - many are too high for me, but lovely styles (they make me think of old school Hollywood):

Check out them all here!

Etsy Craft Party - the Shoes!

When I went to the Etsy craft party on June 18th, I was asked by Vanessa (one of the organizers and a very sweet person) to do a demo:

Here I am working on a pair and showing the party-goers how Oxford Is Heaven does it.

The finished product! PPS gave me these shoes and they were perfect for doing a demo! I listed them in my shop after the party and now they are the first pair that I have sold to Scotland! How cool is that!

And if you'd like to create your own pair, here is my list of supplies that I gave out to everyone:

~ DIY Marie Antoinette Shoes Material List~
By Oxford is Heaven

- One pair of vintage shoes in your size – old bridesmaid’s shoes work amazing!
- Ribbon in coordinating colors – I like to have 3 widths to work with, 1/8 inch, 5/8 inch and 1+ inch wide (can be all the same color or 3 different colors).
- Rhinestone and/or pearl stickers – separate, self-adhesive kind
- Vintage clip-on earrings or buttons – thrift store finds!
- Millinery flowers
- Feathers
- Fabric paint and brushes – I use the kind meant for making t-shirts
- Needle and thread (for sewing ribbon)
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks – you can get a small one at any craft store

Good sources:
- High quality ribbon at good prices:
- All kinds of supplies:
- And my favorite:! (Tons of good stuff under Supplies!)

Fav'd on the Etsy Blog!

A maker of hats is interviewed on the Etsy blog and she says my store is one of her favs!

Read about it here.

Shoes of Summer

Summer is for cute shoes (without worrying if you are going to step in a snow bank). I want these 2 cute pairs:
(Top pair - from Schu who needs to start selling in the US!)
(Bottom pair - from B Mahowasky,  these are so comfortable!)

Etsy Craft Party!

Going to this tonight! Yay!