A Poem

So I didn't know this when I set up my shop, but there is a poem that contains the line "Oxford is Heaven" and I like it a lot, so here it is:

But, in a word to say how I like thee, 
For place, for grace, and for sweet company, 
Oxford is Heaven, if heaven on earth there be. 
John Davies (1565-1618)

Exciting Times for Oxford is Heaven!

So a few days ago one of my pairs of shoes was featured on the front page of Etsy!

This was pretty exciting for me and something I've been hoping for while would happen. Etsy has been an amazing way of selling fun crafty items and I really like using it.

Here again is my shop (with tons of new stuff!):

Also, a lot of nice people have blogged about my shop! Here is a selection:
Molly & Mary - a fellow estyian and blogger who talks about "books, artworks, women, and places that inspire me."
Try Handmade -  a group of bloggers that encourage people to get away from big stores and shop little!
Wuthering Iris - a blogger who hearts all my favorite stores.

I've also added myself to Project Wedding. My plan is to try to market my shoes as the perfect custom wedding idea for either the bride or the whole wedding party. It gives the bride the chance to have the a pair of shoes that go perfect for her dress and the bridesmaids to have matching shoes, but slightly different if they want.

In fact, if there are any readers from my home church, I'd love to do shoes for your wedding at a discounted rate to get the word out locally! Just contact me for more info.