Room Fun

Some lovely house some-days...

(All pictures from BonLuxat)

chic tags & stickers

Since Christmas is just over a month away, how about some cute and chic gift tags?

I like these chic little tags from Seasonal Delight's Etsy shop.
They also have these:

and these(!):

and stickers.
I'm stopping now because I'm supposed to be learning about the RDA standard in cataloging class. But I think these paper goods are awfully nice.

Pressure Cooking [and Cleaning]

RKP recently noted that, in the midst of pressure from school and work, she likes to turn to "stress crafting." Because honestly, when you have a lot to do, nothing relieves the stress like adding 4 or 5 new projects. I experienced this last weekend when I should have been working on my final portfolio for my graduate program. Instead, I emptied our two closets, re-organized and put things back. I bagged up old clothes for Goodwill. I made a Rum-Apple Baked Custard:

and homemade chili:

and chocolate chip cookies:

and then this weekend I was very productive on the portfolio. "Stress crafting" isn't avoiding work; it's a way of resting your brain. How do you rest your brain?